• A communication app that fits every schools budget (hint: its free!).

  • Community Partnerships that go beyond the screen!


Your System + Visiwick App = Connected Community

Now you can provide parents, students, teachers and administrators complete mobile connectivity
that integrates seamlessly with your curren platform - no matter what it is. We'll even help you find community partners to offset the cost.


The Visiwick team has been building apps since before the Apple® App store – and building communities even longer!


To increase quality communication between education stakeholders through an easy-to-use technology tool for any member of a School District.


We bring together deep expertise in three key areas: technology, education and community development. As a result, we bring you a mobile solution already in use by thousands of parents, students, teachers and administrators every day.


That’s why it received the Golden Achievement Award from Colorado School Public Relations Association’s Communications Excellence Award.


Sandy Haworth

CO-Founder & President

Arif Gangji

CO-Founder & CEO

Ali Gangji

CO-Founder & CTO


Mobile is growing at an alarming rate - 86% of media is consumed through apps

41 Apps on the average phone
300000 People served by our app
14 Awards won
11327 Lines of code



Visiwick is more than an app. It’s a mobile communication platform that brings together all of your most important constituents wherever they may be.



Wouldn’t it be great if you could get local doctors to provide timely information for parents? What if local business leaders were more engaged with student groups to help prepare your students for college and beyond? Our team at Visiwick has a proven track record of engaging community members with school districts. By working with local experts to provide information your students and parents find valuable, you’re able to a build a stronger relationship with your community than ever before. The community can engage in meaningful conversation when communication is clear and available.


According to a 2014 study by the Pew Research Internet Project, 34% of smartphone users now go online mostly using their phones, not with a computer. Are you providing your constituents the mobile experience they expect? Visiwick gives you the tools you need to serve this large and growing audience with both routine information and emergency communications. You’ll not only be able to reach parents and students, but also allow teachers and administrators to write once and publish anywhere right through your website. A mobile app cuts through the communication clutter and reaches your intended target.


Our experience with the educational community reveals one thing again and again: budgets are tight all over. At the same time, local businesses are looking for ways to appropriately engage your students, parents and teachers. So, we wondered – what if we brought them together and solved two problems at the same time? No one can build these relationships like Visiwick. As a result, you’re able to have leading-edge technology that’s affordable for your district because local businesses help offset the cost. We bring you targeted, appropriate and value-add sponsorships from businesses that help make the app better, not just affordable.


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The Benefits


Works on any iOS (Apple) or Android smartphone or tablet and is network carrier independent.

Marketing Package

Lots of companies can build you an app. Visiwick brings you a complete community-based marketing program to offset costs and increase downloads and engagement


Visiwick will secure appropriate sponsorships to offset app implementation costs as well as work with members of your community to provide valuable content.

Quick Installation

Automatic installation — just download the app specific to your School District. It’s your app!

Publishing Capabilities

Write once, publish anywhere capability. Deploy content vis our CMS or your website directly to the app.


Completely customizable — every user can choose which schools they want to see, and outgoing messages can be tailored to specific targets or district-wide.

Seamless Integration

Integrates with any Student Information System. You can use the app standalone regardless of existing systems that may be in place.

The Technology


We developed the app on a scalable platform that allowed us to make the core robust as well as flexible. This made integration of multi-language and filterable push notifications easier to implement.

Mobile School Bridge™

Only Visiwick has the proprietary Mobile SchoolBridgeTM technology, allowing you to update app content directly from your website. Write once, publish everywhere. Can it get any easier?

Data Security

All data is transmitted via 256 Bit SSL encryption for best- in-class security.

Everything we build is at a Tier 4 datacenter and backed up multiple times each day. Your data is as secure as it can be.


The Visiwick technology team has more than 12 years of application development experience – in short, we’ve been developing apps since there have been apps, pre-dating even the Apple ® App Store.


  • "The app has been an incredibly valuable tool to our communications."

    Cinamon Watson - Douglas County School District

  • "Visiwick worked hard to secure sponsors for our app so we didn't have to pay to design an app."

    Devra Ashby - Colorado Springs District 11

  • I’m a student and I love using the app. It gives me the information I need even when I can't find what I need on the District website.

    Colorado High School Student


Mobile access to information isn’t something your parents and students might want in a couple of years – it’s what they expect today. Give us a call today and learn how you can bring Visiwick’s award-winning mobile platform to your district.